Private Readings

Gareth believes that a Private Reading is an opportunity for those friends and loved ones in the spirit world to spend some quality time with their friends and loved ones here in this world. When a medium is working in a large demonstration evidence of spirit is provided but not with the same intimacy which can be given in a private sitting. Memories of special times are shared, private insights given and more importantly love communicated. The success of a sitting depends upon a number of different things such as; preconceived ideas, the desire to link with a specific person and the soul link between the medium and the sitter.

All readings are £30. Bookings are taken by calling 07831 785628 and there will be a £10 Non Refundable Deposit taken on booking. Payable by PayPal or Bank Transfer *You can CANCEL or RESCHEDULE up to 48 hours before your appointment. Failure to do so will end in loosing your deposit.
Your appointment will only be confirmed After the deposit has been paid. And you will receive a text with details of your appointment and the address your reading will take place at.

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