Pack information: 78 cards with booklet
Card dimensions: 70 x 120 mm
Author: Laura Tuan Artwork - Antonella Platano 

Old or young, a witch is hiding in every woman. A wonderful, free, and happy being capable of communicating with animals, caressing plants, playing with crystals, feeling, sensing, concentrating, and using the force of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. From the classic pointy black hat and unfailing broomstick to jeans and roller skates, the way a witch dresses might change but the wisdom, strength, symbols, and tools - those remain unaltered: The same power, the same faith in nature and its laws, the same awareness of belonging to a whole from which support, protection, information, and good advice may be drawn.

The Witch 'reads' the web of life with the Tarot to choose her path and answer the questions that are part of her travels. The Witchy Tarot is for the young at heart, new to the road of life. We offer it with our Blessings for a safe and happy journey.


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