Meet Gareth

Psychic Medium & Tutor

Gareth has been working as a medium for over 26 years working in spiritualist churches, halls and small theaters throughout the UK and into Europe. As well as working with some of the worlds best mediums he has been graced to work alongside such spiritual people such as William Roache M.B.E (Coronation Street's Ken Barlow) and many more."I started my journey over 26 years ago after a bad time in my life. I first visited my local church with my mum when I was young and then walking back in some years later in my early 20's at a time I needed guidance I believe the spiritualist church saved my life. I walked in this one night and felt like I had come home. Within a couple of years I started development class and started to give demonstrations.


"Today I am not only on the road touring and visiting halls and theaters in the UK and abroad delivering evenings of mediumship, I am also teaching and mentoring our up and coming mediums something which I am very passionate about. My mentorship program started in 2220 and through my teaching and guidance I have helped many students with their development and in some cases help begin their journey as a medium. To know more about my mentorship program click here.

In 2021 I  brought out my own set of Oracle cards and can be purchased in the shop. I am looking forward to adding more cards to the collection.

Please enjoy looking through the website where you can see all my tour dates, book a private reading, join my mentorship program or book me to appear at your venue.

I hope to see you at one of my shows very soon". Gareth x