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Gareth Lewis

Psychic Medium & Tutor.

1~2~1 Mentorship Classes.

Online Via Zoom.

With over 26 years working across the country and abroad as a medium and tutor. Gareth loves nothing more but to share his knowledge and experience by helping and guiding up and coming mediums through his teachings. He considers himself to be an honest medium and tutor. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with up and coming mediums. He is passionate about helping others to develop their ability, whilst keeping them grounded and not blowing smoke up anyone.

Offering private 1-2-1 mentorship programmes to enhance your psychic mediumship awareness and confidence. Through a variety of exercises, he will not only enhance your mediumship and psychic awareness but Gareth will help you to give accurate and evidential private readings and demonstrations, as well as working on your presentation.

The mentorship programme is an invaluable experience that will help you to develop your skills and to gain a deeper understanding of your ability as a psychic medium.

Each session will be given via Zoom and will normally lasts for *1 hour per week @ £15ph*

To book your free 1-2-1 consultation with Gareth to discuss how he can help you just click the book now button below.

See below for just a little about what your sessions will entail. 

* You can tailor your sessions to your needs - per week - per hour -  per month.Sessions will be paid in advance as a block booking (i.e 4 weeks - £60) 


  • Understanding what Psychic is.

  • Working with the aura.

  • How we use psychic in mediumship.

  • Working with invited sitters.

  • And much more.


  • Placing your communicator.

  • Bringing the message alive.

  • Working with all the senses.

  • Working with invited sitters.

  • Presentation. 

  • And much more.

Psychic / Mediumship or both.

  • It's entirely up to you.

As a tutor, I provide a service of Psychic awareness that helps students understand their own unique psychic gifts. Working with the aura, I will assist in utilising your psychic abilities in mediumship. This includes working with invited sitters and providing exercises to help further develop these abilities. I will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your psychic gift and how to use them in their daily lives.

Take your mediumship to the next level. Gareth will work with you using various exercises, to help you place your communicator quicker and bring the message alive with more evidential mediumship by working with all the senses. We also offer practice sessions with invited sitters, as well as work with presentation, and connection with spirit. By taking these steps, your mediumship will become stronger and clearer than ever.

You can tailor your mentorship with Gareth to your needs. Whether you want to concentrate on working psychically, mediumistically or both. You can also decide on how many sessions you want and stop at anytime.

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